Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Another Amazing Week!

Sorry this is a day late --- It was a holiday on Sunday....biggest holiday in Chile actually and everyone was hung over or still partying on Monday so nothing was open.  So the mission gave permission to write today. So we took advantage of it and we went to the Saltos de Petrohue yesterday!! Oh my goodness it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life. When we come back to Chile as a family we will definitely stop in the Saltos....its impressive! A guy from the ward drove us. We actually did a bunch yesterday! Go look up Lago llanquihue-- Because we drove literally around that entire lake looking at every cool sight we could find. I have a ton of photos! I hope my card works to send them, because my card has been dumb lately. We will see what happens though. It was so amazing!
Like I mentioned before it was the 18th this week and that is one of the biggest holidays in Chile. I have never eaten so many empanadas in my entire life!! And the biggest party in all of Osorno is RIGHT next to our house. Literally outside of our apartment window!! So it was really loud like all night. We couldn’t go, but it seemed pretty crazy! So yeah that happened. And people are still partying!! Apparently they all party till like next week. We’ve had some pretty funny experiences with drunken people this week ha-ha. We had some guy yesterday start walking with us and he just starts yelling at other people "Hey look!! I’m gringo!!!! Ha-ha", he was so happy to walk with us. We made friends with him and his name was Mundo. Apparently he’s the biggest drug dealer in Osorno and says he likes us and will have our backs if we ever get into trouble.  Interesting experience ha-ha one of the many this week.
 The ward also had their ward party this week, which was a blast! We all danced the cueca. It’s like the national dance ha-ha it was sick! And we dressed up as wasos. Chile pride is awesome! I’ll put like videos and stuff if I can at the end of the email.
 We also had another baptism this week!!! Erika got baptized!! It was awesome!! We found her like 4 weeks ago and now she’s already a confirmed member of the church. And I had the pleasure of doing the baptism:) Actually my first one ever! I was super nervous but it went super well.  And the new mission president showed up to it!!! Super random but the assistants like were in a meeting with him and said they needed to go to a baptism in the ward and he was like "No way! I want to go!" So it was the first baptism he had seen in Chile:)  We were the last baptism of President Obeso and the first of President Isom ha-ha that was legit! And he actually got up to share his testimony at the baptism and it was awesome. He was saying how like 4 days before he was in President Eyrings office and he was telling us how he knows for a fact that he is a man of God and is very inspired. Wow the spirit was so strong it just hit all of us like right in the heart! I was talking to him after and he seemed like really nervous...because he was told like at the beginning of September that he was going to be president so he had like no time to prepare. He was saying how he didn’t have enough money to come so he had to like sell everything in order to be able to come on such short notice. He seems like such a good man. I’m excited to have him as President.
I’m absolutely loving my mission!  I am sad though because it’s already week 5 of the cambio and odds are that I’ll be leaving this area....and I don’t want to!! I love this sector and the people here! I am finally turning into the Elder I want to be and I’m seeing the differences we make in people’s lives and it’s so great! It is crazy that it is already week 5 here---this cambio (transfer) has flown by. It is crazy! Before I know it, it will be October. On the 27th I will have been out for 8 months on my mission---it is going so fast!
Hope that everyone has a great week!
Elder Walden

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