Monday, June 6, 2016

Transferred to Osorno!

Hey what’s up guys! Guess what?? I’m writing you all from Osorno again ;) This is my new area! I got transferred! My area is called Antillanca. I’ve been here since Wednesday and I love it. It’s cool because we share a Ward with the APs and they are in our district too! Our APs are pretty cool. One is from Lima Peru and the other is from Paraguay. Oh and I have a new comp! Sorry we haven’t taken a picture yet so I do not have a picture of him but next week I promise. His name is Elder Felipe and he is from Mexico. He speaks no English at all so my Spanish has already gotten loads better and I’m teaching him a little English too. I’m getting good at translating because like all of his music is English and he always asks me what everything means. He is a super good kid. He’s a little quiet but he’s a really good missionary and works super hard so it’s super good. And he’s also like super funny so I think I’m going to enjoy the cambio (change). Oh and tomorrow I’m finally getting my visa! We went on Saturday and had to do stuff with it and tomorrow we are finishing the stuff for it. Finally! We also have a new Senior Missionary couple in our mission and they’re awesome! They live here in Osorno so I’ve gotten to meet them. It’s funny because they’re trying to learn Spanish and its awful hahaha but that’s probably how I sounded too so it’s all good. Oh and 2 people from my group, Hermana Hull and Elder Jarmin are here in my zone so I get to see them which is awesome. Okay now for a miracle. The first day here we tracted into a girl named Marcia Paz and she told us she has friends that are Mormon and her friend is actually going to BYUI right now and I was like “Hey no way! That’s my school!!” Apparently she has visited the school before with her friend. She said she went to church there and she felt something about the people there in church, something she couldn’t describe, so she’s been trying to figure out like what it was and what was different. She already knows like all the lessons and everything because her friend at BYUI has been teaching her. So we taught her real fast (we couldn’t go in the house though because she only lives with her sister) about the Holy Ghost and stuff and then invited her to a Ward activity that was going on the next night, it was a noche de cuchen, you can look up what that is later. But she said it would be hard for her to go because of work so she probably wouldn’t go but she did invite us back to teach her and stuff. But the next night at the activity SHE CAME!! And we were so happy and all the Ward members were super good with her and talked to her like the whole time. It was awesome! Then we had a spiritual thought after and all the Ward members bore their testimonies about the temple and it was so spiritual and great and she had so many questions after about how she can go to the temple and about how to know if you’re ready to baptized and stuff. Oh my goodness I have honestly never met anyone so ready for the Gospel! Because she was honestly like answering her own questions about everything ha-ha she’s like practically Mormon! So yeah were going to continue teaching her. I’m so excited about it!! Okay so funny story --Last night we were at a recent converts house with her family for family night. The Mom gave me some Mormon café and she gave me this bag of sugar for it. So instead of like taking a spoon to put the sugar in my drink I decide to pour it because it would be easier...well on accident I like dumped all the sugar in and around my drink...the family was cracking up for like 20 minutes...I felt bad so I drank it yeah hahaha. Hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for the support! Love----Elder Zack Walden

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