Monday, June 13, 2016

Looking Peruvian

Hello Everyone- So this week was an adventure! For some reason it felt super long. Like I feel like I’ve done a lot but also like not that much ha-ha it’s weird. So we’ve been teaching this girl who’s about 20 years old and her family was just baptized a couple weeks ago but her and her dad weren’t because she didn’t feel it was right for her. But we have been teaching her a lot and she’s super cool with the missionaries. She loves us. We went over to their house on Friday and we sat down to have a lesson with her and she was like "Hey guys, so I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I think I’m ready to be baptized now.” That is awesome!!!! She’s been like reading every day and studying the scriptures hard core and finally realized like "Why am I not baptized? I need to be!" So that’s some awesome news! She’s going to be baptized next Monday, a week from today. So that’s super exciting news! Also this week we taught Maria Paz more. We went over with a member who was awesome. He has like a cool conversion story so he shared that with her and it was great. Her friend was there too and listened to the whole lesson and said she wants to know more so whenever we meet with Maria her friend is going to be there too. The lesson went super well but she had a lot of questions on like women’s role in the church and why they can’t have the priesthood and all that which was difficult to explain and I don’t think she really gets it yet but we have a lesson with her tomorrow so I hope she has been reading and studying. We had zone conference this week with President Obeso and it was super awesome! I got a lot of spiritual insight from it. The whole time I felt like he was speaking to me. It was really focused on like what we talk about in the streets while tracting and all that, which I need to work on a lot. It was awesome!! We also had intercambios (exchanges) this week with the Aps (Assistant to the President) so I was AP for the day---just kidding. But it felt like it. I lived in their apartment (which is way nicer than ours, wayyyyyy nicer) and I got to drive around in the mission car for a day. It was great! And I got to teach 3 lessons with Elder Sanabria which was super fun, I learned a lot from him. Hmmm let’s see, funny story---this week we were knocking doors and this guy asked Elder Felipe where he was from and he said Mexico and then the guy turned to me and said "Hmmmm Peru???" I was like yeah! Peru! De Lima! Hahaha and the guy like believed me. It’s weird because my skin is super white right now and my accent is totally gringo ha-ha but hey that’s the first time I’ve gotten something other than gringo. It was super weird! Here are some pictures of me and my companion, food that people gave us and me at the mission home. Keep writing—I love getting emails! Hope everyone has a great week! Love- Elder Zack Walden

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