Thursday, February 11, 2016

Zack's 2nd Week in the MTC!!

Hey guys! I dont even know like where to start this week, I feel like a lot has happened but like legit I'm blanking haha. Soooo where to start...the weather has been like super bipolar this week - super cold in the morning and then like 90 in the afternoon haha its strange, but Mexico is seriously super pretty! Yesterday we did our first TRC! I don't know what it stands for but its where they get an investigator off the street that volunteers and we teach them -- it was difficult, he knew no English at all, but we still taught a pretty decent lesson. It was funny, he's apparently going on his mission in April to Brazil and he's super stressed about learning Porteguese, so we talked alot about how el don de lenguas es real (gift of tongues) but we were telling him in like broken Spanish hahaha it was funny and spiritual! I'm still getting better everyday in Spanish! poco por poco! i know enough to understand most of what all the workers and latinos are saying and can like kind of respond. So it's coming pretty well! It was super funny this week, one of the Hermanas in our district wanted to ask an investigator if she ever takes her kids places, which is "toma sus hijos...?" but instead she said "toca sus hijos?" which means do you touch your kids? haha our teacher was laughing so hard, hey we all make mistakes...anyways! I never really told you much about my companion! He's a super nice kid, and he's been doing sooooooo much better homesickness-wise this week! He's from Lehi, Utah and goes to USU and actually plays on the soccer team there! He's such a beast at soccer hahah during gym time and P days and what not we usually go play futsol which is like soccer, but on a basketball court...and he like wrecks all the latinos, I'm not good at all but I try. I'm getting better at soccer! He's teaching me some stuff! Im also reigning ping pong champ down here, have yet to be beaten haha so yeah, no surprise there right? Anyways, miracle of the week, one of the Hermanas in another district was super sick and could'nt even really sit up staight so her district leader gave her a blessing and literally 3 seconds after the prayer she was up and walking and feeling 100 times better than before. Miracles really do happen and the Priesthood is a powerful thing, I've seen it so much up here. I've really been noticing the little blessings in my life and what an impact how you look at things can have. If you keep a positive outlook, you will have positive experiences, simple as that. Alot more happened this week, I swear, but I forgot my journal so I really can't think of anything. I'll send some pics though! Hope everyones week is great! Oh! Elder Oaks, the apostle is coming this week!! Tuesday he will give the devotional and me and Elder Clements got chosen to sing in a small choir for him!! It will be a super good experience and I'm so stoked for it! People have asked me how the food is here. It isn't that bad. I just throw what ever they make into a tortilla with some beans and hot sauce and it's usually fine haha. I'm not complaining, it could be worse. We literally have Mexican food all day everyday:) except Tuesdays, we get Costco pizza, which is a blessed day! Anyway---I would love to hear from everyone and it would be great if you sent me a free letter through love to get stuff in the mail---it's great and like the only entertainment I get all week haha. You just type the letter in and they will print it out and deliver it here at the MTC! Thank you to everyone for your love and support! Hope everyone has a great week! Love- Elder Walden

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