Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Winter Waterfalls

Okay well you’re going to be happy, I’ve got a ton of photos to send you all this week! Woo! We actually went to some waterfalls today which was fun. We went as a district and we all had to hitchhike back ha-ha because we like forgot about the whole return trip...but we took loads of photos! You’re welcome Mom!

Anyways I don’t have too much to write...not much has happened this week. We had zone conference and president had just gotten back from Utah like a couple days before so it was really good with some new spiritual apostolic influences! My companion and I taught a part of it too. It was cool! We taught about the light houses that guide us as missionaries which were: 1. concentrate en la mision, 2. Tenga su objetivo entre ceja y ceja, y 3. Sumerjese en predicad mi evangelio. Sorry I’m tired and don’t feel like translating it ha-ha. But hey mom would have liked it. We made little cards with scriptures and the 3 faros on them for the zone and we even laminated them and everything! Proud, right?

Anyways we also did some exchanges afterwards with the APs which was good! I went with the Italian one from Matt’s mission and it was sick! We taught some good lessons together. It was super cool! This week we were able to put 3 more people with a baptismal date and we will be putting more with dates this week! We are super stoked because this sector is blowing up!!! I really am praying that we stay together another cambio! Anyways that was basically the week for us...oh! Cool story, So we’ve been teaching this lady named Sammy for like 2 weeks and she already has a baptismal date but the other day she told us about her life and she’s had a tough life, like super tough, like tougher than you’re thinking right now, and then a couple months ago she was diagnosed with cancer and she’s just in the last treatments right now. Well she said that a couple weeks ago she prayed for the first time in a while and she said she just kind of told God "Hey I’m still here! I feel like you’ve forgotten about me! Please send me something so I know you’re there listening to me! I have a lot of questions!!" And a couple days later we knock on her door and we have been answering her questions ever since...it’s awesome, she’s super awesome. Just goes to show that God moves this work and makes everything happen. So happy to be an instrument in his hands! 

Have a Great Week!

Love you All-


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