Monday, July 17, 2017

Snow and Penguins!

Alright so I already sent the photos, I hope you guys got them. So to snowed in Castro! That was pretty sick, so I have pictures of that and we made snow men and what not, all the typical pictures. And we're in Chaiten again right now. We are now their district leader so we have to go every cambio to do intercambios with them. It was GORGEOUS today, like one of the prettiest days I’ve seen in a while. We went and explored some caves, it was pretty sick. And we had to hike along a beach to get there and it was so pretty and we saw sea lions and PENGUINS!!! We got there at the perfect time and all the penguins were migrating right across that beach!!! Sick right?! So I could only get a picture of its head because they swim really fast but hey we saw penguins, I’m super happy. And that crab pinched me on the foot by the way ha-ha...and that bridge picture, yeah Elder Vaughn jumped onto the bridge and it almost broke and he almost fell like 10 feet, it was sketchy. And then you know how the volcano here exploded a little bit back? Well it destroyed the city and there are some of the houses that got glazed with ash ash.  And the one picture is of the river Chaiten that used to go around the mountains but the volcanic eruption changed its course and now it goes through the city. Pretty sick. Anyways, it was a chill day, filled with adventure!
So anyways story from this week, I got super sick on Saturday...I don’t know why, but my stomach was not feeling good at all, but we had citas so we had to go work, Well that night, last cita, we get there and they’re not home, and an Hermana was with us, so we remembered that we promised to chop some wood for this one lady in our ward. So we went and I looked really bad, like I was dying ha-ha so I told her I was sick, and she’s actually a nurse so she went and got this medicine stuff, like these drops and put like 30 into a glass and told me to drink it because it would calm my stomach and I wouldn’t throw up. So I took it, and right after I said "Wow I want to throw up right now" So I ran to the bathroom but she said I couldn’t use it so I ran outside and threw up literally all over her front lawn. So I threw up everything I had in my stomach...whatever she gave me to not throw up, made me throw up. She sent me home with some of it and told me to take it that night but I didn’t take it...I didn’t want to throw up again. At least now I’m all good, I feel fine ha-ha. Very interesting experience.
Anyways we taught some good lessons and everything this week, it’s been a pretty good one, the work is going strong here! Have a great week! Oh also the President called me this week to tell me that my official return date will be the 28th of December! So it’s official...Won’t be home for Christmas but I’ll be home for New Year’s so that’ll be cool!
Love you All-


  1. I'm diggin' the USU sweatshirt! Go Elder Walden, and Go Aggies!

  2. I love the glasses, you look so distinguished and handsome. Love seeing and hear your adventures. love and prayers aunt Lisa